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The latest gay marriage saga involves an Ohio couple, John Arthur and Jim Obergefell, one of them with a terminal illness, flying by charter jet to get married on the tarmac of a Maryland airport, a state that allows gay marriage, and fly back to Ohio where they promptly file a federal lawsuit trying to get the state of Ohio to recognize them as legal spouses on a future death certificate.

First of all, isn't getting married on a tarmac of a gay-friendly airport sort of like the heterosexual equivalent to getting married by Elvis in Las Vegas?  This couple was together for 20 years and they think about getting married out of state now?  This obviously was not exclusively out of love; a political statement was in the marriage proposal also.

Ohio's Attorney General Mike DeWine vows to fight the federal challenge.  Unlike his counterparts in California and Pennsylvania, DeWine knows he represents the people of Ohio who voted for the state constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage in all forms.  Liberals want DeWine to drop the federal pursuit and just give up - ignore the 63% that voted legally for the amendment in 2004.

As usual, the liberal press is saying Mike DeWine is denying this gay couple their dying wish out of spite, "taking the low road".  Excuse me, DeWine was not the one who put the couple on the chartered plane and sent them to Maryland for the purpose of filing a federal lawsuit in Ohio.

Anyhow, this leads to more gay marriage news: GLEE's Jane Lynch announced she is getting a divorce from her wife - and this just a few weeks after the hard fought overturn of California's Prop 8 by the US Supreme Court.

And Colorado today announced the finalization of the first gay divorce in that state.  The lines in the court house anymore are not for same-sex marriage certificates but for same-sex divorce papers.

So this is what everybody fought for: gay marriage as a political statement, instead of a marriage rooted in love and respect for one another?

Sorry guys: gays and lesbians should take the high road.  All that din of political noise all these years, calling everybody "bigoted" and "homophobic" to all those who did not share your point of view, many of you who wouldn't be caught dead marrying someone of the same-sex let alone the opposite sex.  You fought for the right to get married only because somebody was denying you a right - that now you do not take seriously or appreciate?

Time to grow up. Let go of your liberal roots and leaders who are taking you down the wrong path.  Your marriage is not a political statement.

Hey, It's a Dell Dude! Laptop that is...

I did get a new computer.  Wasn't thinking of a laptop at the time but I ended up getting one anyhow.

Dell had alot of "fly by night" products like their square little box PC that has a Blu-ray player, their tablets, and Windows smart phone.  Usually when they go that route it ends up as a cheap disposable product.  If you buy cheap at Dell you get cheap at Dell.

With that said I went second-level (can't afford top shelf).  I did get the Dell XPS 15" laptop about 21 days ago, and so far so good.  (Their top shelf is their thin power laptops.)  This laptop is better than I expected.  Loaded with features.  Of course they start with the base price (that's what they are actually advertising) and add more features and cost as it goes on.  The basic model is OK by itself also but I upgraded to Windows Professional and MS Office which adds a little bit more price.

Came with Intel i5 2.50GHz, 8GB memory, and 1TB hard drive, webcam camera, wireless mouse, touch screen.  Would have liked to get the solid-state hard drive but it was $350 added cost and was only 250GB.  Battery last 5-6 hours depending on use.  Also got wireless in my apartment which allows me to be more lazy and type while watching TV (watching "The Blind Side" at the moment).  So far the laptop is acting better than expected.  And it works with my USB printer also.

The only problem I had was setting up the T-mobile webconnect - the setup comes up when you first turn on the PC.  I did let it run but still have to call T-mobile to activate.  T-mobile doesn't have the best customer service but I finally got somebody that realized that the network stick is embedded in the laptop, not a network stick.  I wanted the option to have Internet connection without wireless, just in case I'm some place that doesn't have WIFI or a hotspot, out in the field recruiting Republicans.

Still got to get my old files from the old computer to the new computer but I'm in no rush.  I like that I can take the laptop almost anywhere and it's just like a regular PC.  And I got so much crap like webcam and eBooks.  It has Skype also but I don't know anybody that has Skype.  The people I want to have Skype, like family, don't have it.  Too bad.

From LiveJournal to Twitter, Facebook.

I have commanded my Twitter account not to post to LiveJournal anymore.  It wasn't doing it most of the time - and for some reason it was translating the subject of the Twitter to Russian.  Putin would be proud! 

BUT I will still have cross-reference: when and if (and that's a big when and if) I post to Livejournal it will post to myTwitter and Facebook page.

Too bad the art of online journals is dieing.  We just grown too lazy as a society.  THIS MESSAGE I'm typing now is considered too long to read online now.  Who knows - maybe letter writing will come back in fashion.

My Top 10 Oldie iTunes of 2011

Rated by number of plays -

1. Follow You Follow Me - Genesis
2. Tubular Bells - Mike Oldfield
3. Midnight At The Oasis - Maria Muldaur
4. Heard It In A Love Song - The Marshall Tucker Band
5. How Do You Do? - Mouth & MacNeal
6. We've Only Just Begun - The Carpenters
7. Happy Feet (Musica per i vostri piedi, madame) - Paolo Conte
8. You Don't Have To Say You Love Me - Dusty Springfield
9. Year Of The Cat - Al Stewart
10. Anticipation - Carly Simon


  • Вс, 19:12: Whisker's Pub Christmas Party on Tuesday December 20th, all day eats. :-)
  • Вс, 19:37: Two former Browns coaches won today - we just can't get the current Browns coach to win.



  • Чт, 12:29: US marriage rates hit all-time low - just 51 percent over age 18 are married today. I blame the sodomites for this! http://t.co/8L974BNS
  • Чт, 12:38: OH Governor John Kasich on THE TRIV SHOW today, 5:35 pm on 1100 WTAM. http://t.co/epdSB1G1
  • Чт, 16:37: Stuffing envelopes at the RPCC Headquarters downtown - awaiting pizza delivery too!
  • Чт, 17:21: Last man standing at the mailing stuffing gets pizza! I guess that's me! :-)





  • Вс, 12:52: Gays can serve openly in the military but our kids can't openly celebrate Christmas. Why can't we have both? Liberals. http://t.co/VNQhXJO5
  • Вс, 15:40: Businesses have 160,000 pages of federal regulations to follow. That does not include state and local regulations they have to follow also.
  • Вс, 20:12: Cannot watch the 60 Minutes interview with President Obama. December is an Obama-free zone.
  • Вс, 20:44: A Tim #Tebow article that has everybody's panties bunching up. http://t.co/UVU2XBW2


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