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Late night entry... I did go to my LCR chapter leadership conference and it was good. Cincinnati's Ted Jackson, who is very good at organizing, did good at giving us tips and inspiration for advocacy and fundraising. Also did a small Lobby Day with House rep Debbie Pryce and a small group from Columbus talking about FMA and the anti-bullying bill before Congress.

Had a reception later at the Capitol Club with LCR leadership. We had a few reps show up at our reception like Sen. Chaffee and representatives Mike Fitzpatrick and Mary Bono.

BUT I couldn't mingle too much. I lost my footing going upstairs to my hotel room the night before and my foot "crunched" (the actual sound), and I've been hopping ever since. Does hurt alot when I walk on that foot. And I did twist my ankle on Friday also. So I was sore most of working holiday and I continue to be hurt and throbbing. I'm trying to stay off of it for awhile but got too much going on.

Even though I did not stay for the convention, they did give everybody at the chapter conference a leadership notebook packet full of information; it will take me awhile to read! So I got more out of it than I thought I would. And I got more to do than I thought I would.

BTW - The LCR Convention in DC is their biggest convention ever: 450 participants.

At least I got an excuse not to help my brother move to Barberton this weekend. Well OK, I can still drive but I can't carry anything. I guess we can see how much stuff can fit into the trunk of my new car!


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Apr. 29th, 2006 02:22 pm (UTC)
that was me telling you to get your foot xrayed. Do it, mister!

May. 10th, 2006 03:01 pm (UTC)
My foot felt better after a couple of days of not walking. Just in time to help my brother move to his new house. :-(
( 2 conspiracy theories — Conspire Here! )