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Got a busy day tomorrow. I'm going to the Equality Ohio Lobby Day in Columbus tomorrow andf lobbying our state reps. I have to leave Cleveland by at least by 5:30 am so I can get at the rendevous at 8:30 am (throwing in extra time for rush hour).

I found out our Log Cabin Republicans leader Patrick Guerriero will be in Columbus tomorrow for the EO Lobby Day, along with Ted Jackson of Cincinnati. They will be having a party for a Cincinnati councilwoman, so I decided to go to that party since Guerriero was the special guest there - that was before I found out he will be flying into Columbus. :-P

So like the great guy I am, I get to drive our Guerriero and Jackson back to Cincinnati for the party at 7:30 pm. The party ends at 9:30 pm, and since I'm broke, I'll be driving back from Cincinnati and getting home about 1 or 2 am that night. I have to work Thursday at 3 pm, so it won't be too bad.

Hope I can make it. The driving cannot be as bad as driving throught the Pennsylvania turnpike - and I shouldn't have any tolls to pay this time. Just lots of money for parking and ga$.

Going to sleep early tonight.