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Young College Skulls Full Of...

Senator John McCain knows finally knows what it's like to be a real Republican - and now knows firsthand what Leftists and Democrats really are.

Senator John McCain was the keynote speaker at the New School University commencement in New York, greeted by campus Leftists "boos, jeers, and insults" as the New York Times put it. A few students yelled catcalls at McCain, saying things like "full of it," and "We're graduating, not voting." Yeah, I'm sure the exact words were "full of it".

"Dozens of faculty members and students turned their backs and raised signs in protest" How quaint.

The university president, former Nebraska Sen. Bob Kerrey, said Sen. McCain, you have much to teach us.

Apparently, the world has a lot to teach these young skulls, full of mush and Bullshit! Things that they never learned in college.

Ironic that the same crowd that cries over civil liberties every time a phone tap is placed on an Al Queada cell phone doesn't see anything wrong with blocking anybody's right to free speech, especially if it's different from their own.

These young college free-loaders, trust fund moochers will be off the public dole soon, and if their parents are smart, off the parents bankroll also. They're going to find out that "the world" has a cacophony of competing voices and opinions all wanting the attention of some or all audiences. You cannot shut off public opinion or discourse like a water tap. Or by shouting it down and thinking it's going to disappear.

Free speech means respect, but not necessarily agreement, for the other person having an opinion, which The Left has a hard time coping with. Sometimes, it also means sitting down and shutting up until it's your turn to talk. That is if you get that opportunity to talk. Believe it or not, they're will be times when you cannot express your beliefs. And it's not because we don't want to hear them, although there will be alot of people who don't want to hear them.

These young skulls full of mush got harsh lessons to learn in the Real World (and not the MTV version either). People have a right to protest, and they have a right to disagree - even with your disagreement, believe it or not!

They can live their continued sheltered lives around like-minded people all they want for the rest of their life, and then ponder why one political party or the other always gets into office. But don't be surprised if somebody in the real world disagrees. It doesn't mean they're an asshole if they disagree - but it might mean you're an asshole if don't let some of that "college" tolerance and diversity in, letting people express their opinions and beliefs.


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May. 20th, 2006 04:43 pm (UTC)
Sadly, this sort of thing has been going on for a long time on college campuses.
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