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Not in MY Name!

The San Francisco Bored of Education is pondering whether to get rid of the Junior ROTC because of the military's "don't ask don't tell" policy.

I only have on thing to say about this: NOT IN OUR NAME.

Left Coast Liberals please don't lump gay rights into your overall hatred and vile for the United States military. Everybody, liberal and conservatives, know that this ban has not one thing to do about gays in the military - it has to do about the military in San Francisco. Leftists absolutely hate the military and the rightful defense of our country. These Leftitsts think that the only people who start wars in the entire world is United States of America.

Gay rights advocates are working long and hard on issues like gays in the military. We don't need some left-wing Kremlin kooks associating their hatred for the military with gay civil rights.