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Blackwell blackmail?

I'm not a big fan of Ohio's Ken Blackwell. But Blackwell has been taken a beating lately over the elections in Ohio. The DemocRATS and the news media (all one of the same) are trying to get Blackwell to resign from Secretary of State, since he is running for governor and as Secretary of State he presides over this year's state election.

Among the other things The Left is crying about are the "controversial" election reforms in effect this year, made law by the state legislature, allegedly making it harder to register voters in Ohio. One area of contention is the compensation of people registering voters:
In each year that you receive or expect to receive compensation for registering any person to vote, section 3503.29(C) of the Revised Code of Ohio requires that you, before registering any voter, complete all the following steps:
1. Register with the Secretary of State at http://www.sos.state.oh.us/electionsvoter/training.aspx;
2. Complete the online voter registration training program;
3. Sign an affirmation that includes your name, permanent address, date of birth, the name of each county in which you expect to register voters, statement of completion of the required training program and statement that you will follow all applicable laws of this state while registering voters.
  • You must return an applicant's properly completed voter registration form directly to the office of a county board of elections or the Secretary of State. You shall not, under penalty of law, return the completed form to any other person, group, organization, office or entity.
  • You must submit the completed voter registration form(s) not later than the 10th day after the applicant has completed the form, or before the 30th day before the election, whichever is earlier. If you receive the form on the 31st day before the election, you must submit the form within 10 days.
  • You must submit a single copy of the affirmation referenced in step 3, above, with each set of voter registration forms you return to a county board of elections.

  • Another words if you're getting $1 per registration or getting 'crack' per registration, you have to obey the above law.

    If that wasn't enough, The Left and the Democrats are really complaining about the "harsh" penalties of new voter registrations:
  • Knowingly aiding or abetting any person to register in violation of law: 5th degree felony.
  • Knowingly destroying, or helping to destroy, any completed voter registration form: 5th degree felony.
  • Failing to timely return any voter registration form entrusted to you to a board of elections or the Secretary of State: 5th degree felony or 1st degree misdemeanor.
  • Knowingly returning any voter registration form entrusted to you to any location other than a board of elections or the Secretary of State: 5th degree felony or 1st degree misdemeanor.
  • Receiving improper compensation: 5th degree felony.

  • Noticed how this harsh treatment exclusively targets Democrats and the poor.

    And notice how hot-button these issues are that the news media is not even reporting the new procedures or penalties for people who get compensation for registering voters. I can look up the above information on the Internet but the news media and the Democrats can't?

    There are many more items the Left is complaining about, including presenting ID when you vote, but to report them all will just give you a headache while you're shaking your head in disbelief.


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    Jun. 11th, 2006 03:18 am (UTC)
    All I can think as I read this is 'what the hell part of the media is left?'

    I'm glad you're looking out for speech and rights but in all honesty I think media and news today are mostly right, especially after 9/11 where conservative views have taken a more standard seat in our country. This is the reason why we have Republican president (again) and Republican Senate as well as Republican Congress.

    Democrats do just as poor a job as Republicans as pointing out the important issues and we all know that media and news are dwindling into vignettes about puppies and how lettuce can kill you even on the most "honest" channels. Stop blaming Democrats because that's all I can read from your blog. Oh look the Democrats are doing this or that and they are ruining America. No. What's ruining America is that when issues come up, issues like these no one else is taking a stand and looking at them.

    Your voice is really important but you'll lose someone like me who only see this as a SCREW THOSE DEMOCRATS BECAUSE THEY BLOW type of post.

    Now before you tell me I'm a democrat. Or liberal or anything really, I'd like to point out - I'm not. I have a free and open mind for politics. I agree with single ideas, not political machines. I would agree that for the most part I disagree with many republicans, but I'd like Bush if he'd do something other then wreck the economy or pass legislation against the environment. Two things I am very focused on.

    Also, I wanted to note that about your previous post on Lincoln, he did in fact free the slaves to try and make them fight for the Union Army. It is, in truth, extremely doubtful that he had any power to make such an act. It was simply with the IDEA that those slaves being held in the south in a way, freed themselves with the idea that someone gave them rights. I've always considered this one of the major reasons that real reform for black rights took so long. No one had really wanted them free; they simply wanted them not to fight against the North.

    Lincoln was a good man, he did a lot for the nation, but unfortunately he wasn't perfect. Democrats don't believe that you should idol the lord. In fact, I would be on the point to argue that Republicans would take that stance especially when Bush waves the word "god" around all the time.

    I am leaving my post anonymous, mostly because I don't think I'll do anything to infuriate you by posting. But I wanted you to know that even those who don't agree with you, have done so peacefully and not with a stuttering injustice. I believe in free speech and rights in the way that you do, unfortunately you seem to have lowered yourself to taking sides and then jabbing at the other with a knife. Our nation has two parties in order to promote a peaceful change of ideas, not to spend four years blackmailing the other side.

    I can only hope that nation will grow some brain cells, take a good look at some of the issues facing us in the future (our economy, our stance on other nations, the war we've entered into, the environment, and of course if the government has the ability to regulate social norms in marriage) and come to a good decision that can benefit the greatest number of people.

    If you'd like the further this discussion you can email me at avalonhome at juno dot com. [sorry, don’t want those spam bots to get a hold of my email you know?

    I invite open forums of discussion and leave now with no (hopefully) harm done. Thank you for trying to bring attention to things which most people would turn their eyes from.--Freedom Fighter
    ( 1 conspiracy theory — Conspire Here! )