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Cleveland Pride 2006

Cleveland Pride on Saturday was HOT, literally. It got up to 88 degrees and the UV rating was rated a solid 10. The pride festival provided us with a 10x10 canopy but it did not help as the sun encroach upon my domain as the hours went by, giving me a slight sunburn. Off and on wind gust along the lakeside park eventually blew away my canopy across the park, finally stopping at some booths. Luckily, nobody was hurt.

I was mostly manning the booth by myself. Our gay Republican candidate for state house paid a brief visit as did our chapter vice-president, allowing me a small break for looking around saying hello to a few people. We had a great location close to the entrance. The visitors to our booth were about 50/50: 50% curious, or Republican; 50% Democrats. Gay Democrats acted like their usual selves - unfortunately.

On stage, one performer was sort of complaining that people tried to hang Bill Clinton only because he got a blowjob (her words). HELLO? DON'T ASK DON'T TELL! D.O.M.A.! No wonder we're not getting our way - we're idolizing people who have no right to be idolized.

Anyhow, we and LCR had a postcard campaign against the Federal Marriage Amendment; people could fill out a postcard so we can send it to their representative telling them not to put marriage discrimination into the US constitution. I was surprised how many gays did not know who their US rep was - and how many gays were not registered voters. The House of Representatives is scheduling a vote on this amendment for the week of July 17th, even though a similiar amendment did not pass the US Senate.

If you take out the heat, wind, and sun, it wasn't too bad of a day.

Our next LCR wish-list projects: a Log Cabin meeting in Akron, and a "media packet" for local Republican candidates, both in July. Equality Ohio had a Lobby Day back in May, but I'm afraid only current Ohio Republican reps got a gay information packet, so I like to make some packets for the candidates regardless how they feel about gay issues. They need to be up-to-speed about gay issues, especially if they get elected. Who knows - maybe we can change a few minds.