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Jun. 28th, 2006

Briefly... Never did talk about my birthday. Nothing much to talk about though. Coincidently, my birthday fell on the same day as my company's picnic, which was at the Cleveland Zoo this past Sunday. Got into the Zoo for free and into the RainForest for free also. The hospital provided free picnic food under their pavilion so it was not too bad.

Haven't been to the zoo in about 5 years, and they really built it up. It does take most of the day to visit everything nowadays. The only thing I missed was a chance to touch the sharks and stingrays. No, they weren't big fish but it would have been nice to say hello.

I'm still campaign treasurer for our state house rep candidate, and I'm surprised we are getting some money. Not enough to take over the world but enough to operate a campaign. Some people have good amount of cash on them it looks like. How they afford the big checks I don't know, but I'm not complaining. Could always use more feet, feet are good for a local campaign.

Not much else going on. Never got to mow the lawn for Mike's mom during the past two weeks. As far as I know, the lawnmower is still broken. I'm surprised the Craftsman fell apart fast, but not too surprised the repair service was shoddy. The top came off the lawnmower and unraveled the pull cord. Her next door neighbor was going to see if he could fix it. That's were I left it last.

I left a nasty note for my next door neighbor to SHUT UP! especially after midnight. I wrote that some people have to work for a living even if she didn't. Last night I guess she got home after 1 AM and I'm not sure if she was yelling on the phone or yelling at some one in her apartment but she was going at full blast for a full hour non-stop. She has been doing this periodically. She's either half-deaf or half-retarded, seriously. She's always in the apartment when I have a day off during the week. The next stop is the landlord's office.


Jun. 28th, 2006 08:58 pm (UTC)
Happy Birthday!

Obviously I have to check "My LJ" more often...