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"The enemy of my enemy is my friend..."

Nothing examplifies the leadership of the Democrat party like the old saying, "The enemy of my enemy is my friend."

The Democrat's enemy are not terrorists who blow up innocent women and babies. The Dem's one and only enemy is George W Bush, who is coincidently the enemy of terrorists also. How dare a president declare war on terrorists! Terrorists are people too you know!

Democrats focus like a laser beam on 'W' but have no such anal exam when it comes terrorists. Outside of major terrorists events like the bus and subway bombings in London, Democrats rarely criticize terrorists. Their "terrorists are people too" campaign is an abomination to anybody who wants real peace in the world.

Democrats have an incestuous relationship with terrorists. The latest parrotting from the terrorists has "insurgents" asking for a timetable for withdrawal. Only a stupid Democrat would believe that terrorists would keep their end of the bargain by bringing 'peace' to a "timetable".

Democrats like using the example of Vietnam. Democrats forget that we had a negotiated peace when North Vietnam invaded South Vietnam and we had to retreat. In a domino effect, the US retreat started the biggest genocide since World War II, leading up to millions being murdered in the killing fields of Cambodia.

Iraqis must be comforted that Democrats have Iraqis safety first. Well, Dems really don't. The scary Vietnam scenerio is that Dems could care less if a sudden or even a 'timetable' pullout of troops would lead to killing fields in Iraq. It's hard to convince Democrats that terrorists kill people - after all, every Leftist knows that the United States is the only source of true evil in the world.

As the Democrats keep feeding publicity lines to our country's enemies, and as they travel overseas to denounce America, I'm sure it brings aid and comfort to the terrorists that somebody is on their side - or that somebody wouldn't care what terrorists do once a certain party gets back into power. Just like in Vietnam, the enemy of the Left was the president of the United States, not despots who murdered people en masse in cold blood.