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My Two Cents...

The liberals in Ohio are at it again - taking a good idea and making it worse.

Ohioans will probably get on the ballot a proposal to raise the minimum wage in Ohio from $5.15 an hour to $6.85 an hour. Now, this is all well and good except, as with all liberal proposals, this ballot issue comes with a poisoned pill.

The proposal would not only raise the minimum wage to $6.85 an hour but will increase the minimum wage every year according to the comsumer price index. Call this proposal the lazy voters approach to stop being harrassed by the Left on the minimum wage every other year.

Of course, if guy 'A' is lazier than guy 'B', both guys get the pay raise automatically no matter what. Business should decide who their best employees are and give them pay raises accordingly, not the state.

And raising the minimum wage is not the cure-all liberals would like us to believe. Raising the minimum wage will not get a family any faster out of poverty than status quo. As a society we need to say that getting a good education, or educating yourself, will get you out of poverty, not any mandated handouts by the state.

And as a society we should state, if you're a family of 4 trying to live off a yearly minimum wage, your problems are much more deeper than whether or not you're making the minimum wage.