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Jul. 11th, 2006

The more I think about it the more I like the idea of having the 2008 Republican National Convention here in Cleveland. We just had the national Young Republicans convention here in Cleveland this past weekend and I heard all went great.

I still think Cleveland has a slight chance of getting it - where would you choose to have your convention: Cleveland or Tampa Bay? Of course, Tampa Bay is in Florida, the home of W's brother Jeb Bush which adds another nail to our city's coffin. And Cleveland is all Democrat, which for the people here is about the closest thing to living in utopia. :-P

Of course, being an all Democrat area means Republicans would have their BarBQ right in the Democrat's own backyard, which would be a nice rub. They can reach out to the industrial north and therefore middle voting America. Ohio is like Mom, apple pie, and Chevrolet. And Ohio 2004 was like Florida's 2000 according to the Democrauts. As Republicans, We thumb our nose at thee!

Tampa Bay is the home of skin cancer and hurricanes. Cleveland: no global warming effects here!

Me: I'm looking forward to the nutty protestors coming here - and you would not believe half the stuff they do or display. The networks won't show them on the air because people would come to the same conclusion I do - what a bunch of nuts (and a**holes)!

So there are advantages to having the Republican National Convention here in Cleveland. I think the city put on a good show for the committees but I think the advantage is Tampa, which sucks.

That kind of stuff happens when you live in a Democrat utopia.

The RNC it will vote on the committee's recommendation in January.

The 2008 Republican National Convention is scheduled for Sept. 1-4.