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FOX News Poll: Democrats Favored On Most Issues; Bush Approval Down


Despite the negative views on the job he's doing, Americans believe President Bush has had a tough job assignment.

A 61 percent majority - including 48 percent of Democrats, 62 percent of independents and 75 percent of Republicans - thinks Bush has had to face a larger number of difficult situations than most presidents deal with during their terms in office.

Especially since the previous president.


Approval of Congress remains in the dumps: 25 percent of Americans say they approve, down from 29 percent a month ago, and 61 percent disapprove.

Another words, every time the president's numbers fall, he takes everybody in DC with him, including Democrats.

One of the main barometers to watch: interest in this year's elections is modest: 19 percent of voters say they are extremely interested and another 38 percent very interested. Democrats (23 percent) are slightly more likely than Republicans (17 percent) to say they are extremely interested. Today, that is...

However, Democrats have a very bad habit of shooting themselves in the foot at just the right time, for the Republicans to win of course. It will be hilarious to see just what they will unintentionally do to lose the election this November.