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Wind Beneath GOP Wings

House vote vowed on minimum wage:
GOP whip predicts measure will pass before elections

When I first read this I have to admit, I thought "what the hell are Republicans doing?", bowing down to the demands of congressional Democrats. Raising the minimum wage might hurt the economy. And besides, who thinks those brats at McDonald's and Burger King deserve to get an automatic pay raise?

But as I thought further, this could knock some of the wind out of the Democrat's sail.

In states like Ohio, Democrats are trying to get on the state ballots the 'raising the minimum wage' issue to help draw out more Democrat voters in the general elections, just like the Republicans used the "gay marriage" issue to draw out more Republicans to the polls.

But, if Republicans raise the minimum wage at or above what some of these state ballot issues propose you just might get many Democrats asking themselves why should they vote for a raise in the minimum wage when it has been raised. This would make for good 'Karl Rove' strategy - if he thought of it.

If the Republicans would have been successful in getting the Federal Marriage Amendment passed, it would have taken the motivation out for more Republicans to go to the polls and vote. The same could happen here with the Democrats, but in reality though.

I just keep underestimating the desire for the Democrats to shoot themselves in the foot.