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Aug. 10th, 2006

I know - you're wondering how I'm doing. OK. I went to my doctor last week and still have high blood pressure. Not getting enough exercise. I'm starting to look like Family Guy. Of course I lost my prescription, now I have to beg for a new one.

I had an EKG in April, and I guess I'm OK. My doctor said it was AB. AB Normal. I guess I'm slightly off on the ticking by a split second. Whatever it is, my EKG doctor and my family physician don't seem too concerned. I asked if I should be concerned and she said no. So I'm normal but not normal, which many of you have suspected.

Busy with Log Cabin and Bill McGivern's campaign. Went to David Lynch's fundraiser Tuesday complete with moonlight band and free adult beverages, featuring guest George Voinovich. And made pit-stop Wednesday at a rally for Ken Mehlman and Dewine, but I got there too late. It was a really short rally!

My candidate running for state house, Bill McGivern, got an "A" rating from the NRA and their endorsement for November. Bill also got an endorsement from the Ohio Taxpayers Association.

I cancelled my plans to go to the Lesbian Gay Center's Summer Party - just too much activity and little money. Price of admission is $80 which isn't too bad but I really need to get other stuff done this month. I'm not even going to fundraisers unless I get in for free, of if they're $25 or less.

TECHNOLOGY fights back in my life as my digital camera and DVD player bite the dust. I still have an older slower digital camera I can use, and I have a DVD player on my PC, but I'll still probably get a new DVD player for the "entertainment center". The old one was - old. I got it when simple DVD players cost $280. Now they're $40 for a basic player.

My brothers keep calling me so that usually means I have to get back in touch with family and friends. I been losing touch with people lately. But hey, I'm old and tired, and I'm watching KYLE XY all the time. That's my life.