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Aug. 11th, 2006

The Democrats are living in FantasyLand. The proof was in the events that happened this week. The ouster of Joe Lieberman, who was their vice-presidential nominee six years ago, brings up how the Democrats feel about anybody that disagrees with their hatred for Bush.

Lieberman may have been a liberal Democrat, but he wasn't about to abandon the serious war on terror. And in no way was Lieberman going to be anti-Semetic like the liberal wing of Democrat party.

To contrast this event was the news of a major upset of a terrorists plot originating in the UK, driving home the point to the rest of the country (but not to liberal Democrats) that terrorism does exist and that there are people ready to kill us. Losing an ally like Joe Lieberman in the war on terror and having the Democrats gloat about his loss, really pointed out what the Democrat party is all about.

The Democrat party today is not about national security. It's about revenge. Democrats, including the nominee Ned Lamont, have made it perfectly clear: their first priority will not be the war on terror. Their priorities are cut-and-run from Iraq. Of course, this will possibly lead to bloody civil war, but like in Vietnam 30 years ago, as long America isn't exercising their imperialistic powers, who cares how many millions die.

And of course the Dems big number one priority is the impeachment of George W Bush.

I don't think America has the stomach for it, and if the Democrats get in and pursue this the persecution of Bush, you can look for civil war right in this country because a lot of people are not going to take it.

And gay Democrats - kiss your butts goodbye. Since revenge on George W Bush will be the top priority, you get to sit in the back of bus - again! Like a fiance ever faithful to her boyfriend, gay Democrats are still looking for the day they will be officially wedded to the Democrat party. The Democrat party keeps saying 'tomorrow' on gay civil rights - and tomorrow is always a day away.

Just ask any gay Democrat in the city of Cleveland or our county government in which there is elected local seats without one Republican in them - we got the same gay rights as the state of Ohio: NONE.

BTW - An historical list of terrorists attacks. Believe it or not Democrats, the vast majority happened before Bush became president - even before he became governor of Texas!