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Republican Convention in Cleveland 2008?

Hundreds of balloons drop at Quicken Loans Arena Wednesday at the end of a virtual convention meant to impress a group charged with recommending a host city for the 2008 Republican National Convention. The presentation included a laser light show, fireworks, video displays ringing the arena.  John Kuntz/The Plain Dealer.

Cleveland has been selling it to the Republican Convention Selection Committee thick and heavy these past few days. The Republicans had a pep rally and reception for the committee at the Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame, which of course I was present.

I was wearing some buttons at the rally and reception: the 'Rock the RNC '08 Cleveland' button; Bill McGivern button; Mike Dovilla for Congress; and a DUMP DENNIS button, along with my LIBERTY FOR ALL logcabin.org sticker.

The best part: Free food available for all. Besides the usual pasta and sliced chicken, they offered local favorites perogies, and polish sausage with sauerkraut. All the local politicians you can think of both political parties were there including the Cleveland mayor Frank Jackson. Celebrities included Don King and Dan Ferry. Among Republican politicians there was Ohio GOP chief Bob Bennett, Mike DeWine, and RNC Chairman Ken Mehlman. With all these people inside it got very crowded inside The Hall of Fame.

Do we have a chance? I think we have a good chance. The biggest worry for us is hotel availability and capacity at "The Q", the arena for the Cleveland Cavaliers. Our biggest assets may be political with Ohio being the heartland of middle America and the RNC shoring up its middle American values. And Ohio usually votes for every winning president.

Cleveland did host a Republican National Convention - in 1936! We're overdue.

  • A "who's who" of V.I.P. political business and civic leaders arrived at the Rock Hall Tuesday.
  • Ohio Senator Mike DeWine thinks the committee members were very impressed by what they saw.
  • GOP convention bid gets boost on Day Two visit.