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Aug. 28th, 2006

HGTV's DesignStar, which somebody got me hooked on, was down to the last three designers tonight. And one of them had to go.

This time it was Tym. Tym is a good basic designer and has good presence on camera but he always has to tell what he was doing instead of letting the work do the taking for him. Tym can be too basic for his own good and sometimes doesn't always follow the client's wishes to the fullest.

Alice is just a sweet Texas lady that can deliver the goods but I'm not sure she is inventive enough.

DAVID is inovative and motiviated but he gets jumpy and nervous in front of a camera. But it doesn't hurt that he's a very good looking gay man.

The last two designers are Alice and David. I guess we'll have to see what their next project is - because viewers pick who will be the DESIGNSTAR.

Unfortunately for me, this show on HGTV is the only one within my budget. :-(