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ABC has decided that Friday it will run an update on Stupid in America:

Hundreds of union teachers protested outside ABC after I first aired my special on education, "Stupid in America -- How We Cheat our Kids." They demanded that I apologize for what I said on TV, and that I "teach for a week," so our cameras could reveal how difficult teaching is. I surprised them by saying, "Yes, I'll teach!" I was eager to learn more about what the job is like and above all -- to finally get our cameras into a government school to see what was going on. But the union and school board had other plans. I'll tell you what happened on "20/20" -- Friday, September 1st at 10 p.m.

Most of the countries that outperform us spend less per student than we do. American high school students fizzle in international comparisons, placing well behind much poorer countries, like Poland, the Czech Republic and South Korea.

Why? Foremost, it's because of the government's monopoly over the school system, which gives parents no choice in where to send their children. In other countries, choice fosters competition, and competition improves performance.