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The Path to 9-11 - and to Bill Clinton...

A controversial mini-series will come out this weekend titled "The Path To 9-11". The first showings of the movie to both liberals and conservatives was surprising. It offered an honest refreshing look at the self-serving Clinton administration.

The Path to 9-11 docudrama has its starting point with the first World Trade Center bombing in 1993, and continues 8 months into the George W Bush administration to the fateful day.

Despite calls for censorship from Democrats and saying it's a work of fiction, they are some things that do take place that everybody agrees with, from what I read.

In 1998, the Northern Alliance and US soldiers in Afghanistan found the Osama bin Laden where our troops were waiting to for the go-ahead from the Clinton administration to get Laden - an order that never came. The movie says that Clinton was too distracted lying about the Lewinsky affair to care about Bin Laden.

Of course, Clinton says this is fiction. Bill Clinton is lying. It does not matter what the reason is. It is documented that Bill Clinton had this opportunity to fight Bin Laden. He never took it. That is true.

The film does take place on a timeline. Bill Clinton was president for the vast majority of the time portrayed in the movie, 1993 to 2001. Nobody is disputing that fact, except Democrats. And everybody agrees The Path To 9-11 is a tale of missed opportunities against terrorism. Nobody I read in the press is disputing that fact either.

I'm surprised I even have to connect the dots.

Disney's ABC is reportedly bowing to pressure from Democrats to portray this mini-series less critical of the Clinton administration. Who knows - lapdog Democrats might watch the movie thinking George W Bush was president in the 1990's! Democrats already have their talking points saying the mini-series is a "work of fiction" (probably in the same vein as "Fahrenheit 9/11").

If the Democrats and their obedient lapdogs in the media are calling this a "work of fiction" and asking ABC to pull the mini-series entirely (censorship), there must be something there. Watch it!

ABC's "THE PATH TO 9/11"
Sunday, September 10 @ 8/7c
Monday, September 11 @ 8/7c

Bill Clinton was a bad president in many ways. One gets the impression that the White House was run by a frat boy for 8 years while Clinton was in office.

What confuses me the most is the gay community's loyalty to Bill Clinton.

George W Bush proposed a Federal Marriage Amendment that would outlaw gay marriage nationwide, but Bill Clinton as president actually outlawed gays and lesbians from the military. And Clinton did sign the federal Defense of Marriage Act which started the ball rolling on individual states to pass their own DOMA laws and amendments.

Yet all the hate is reserved for George W Bush. It is misplaced hate.

The gay community frowned upon any negative commentary about Bill Clinton while he was in office. In fact, the gay community rallied around the man that sealed our fate the next decade. We are still fighting against the Clinton's gay military ban and the Defense of Marriage act.

If Bill Clinton would have an (R) by his name instead of a (D) we would have looked at his administration with fresh eyes and realize what a wolf in sheep's clothing had gave us. Bill Clinton gave the gay community it's own gay 9-11-like scenario, and we choose not to take action until an (R) became president. It was too late since the Clinton policies became ingrained in everyday politics by the time 2001 and a new president came.

Bill Clinton was not only a "frat boy" when it came to search Bin Laden, but a "frat boy" when it came to gay rights. Bill Clinton will never be forgiven by me or my fellow gay Republicans. It time for gay Democrats to catch-up.