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Sep. 10th, 2006

Watching "The Path To 9-11". If this is the edited version they did a bad job. The Clinton administration comes across as unwilling to send in troops to wherever Bin Laden was hiding or meeting at the time, getting skittish every time the military is used. It's true John O'Neil and Richard Clarke come across as heroes, and Clinton's top people as basically ball-less.

Democrats are screaming about this movie, but there are two indisputable facts that everyone agreed with before the movie: During the 1990's we had many missed opportunities; and that Bill Clinton was president for eight years. Now the Democrats want to rewrite history, almost to the point of trying to convince us that Bill Clinton wasn't president.

If Dems are trying to say that Clinton wasn't president during for eight years, then there's something I finally agree on with conspiratorial Democrats.