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My buddy Mikey came to town for the weekend. (For those that can see it, that's him in the icon.) Haven't seen him for about 6 months. He gave up drinking all together, and he looks great! Need to tell Ellen that Mikey actually looks like marriage material! LOL! I hope he keeps up the good work. :-)

My lawn work at Mikey's Mom's house was taking over by "Mark" whom appears to be doing a great job. I guess it's OK since this is an election year and I couldn't get over there. Besides I have bad luck with lawnmowers. You need your lawnmower broken, come see me!

Taking about getting falling off the wagon and getting back on: I'm going back to Weight Watchers after three years away. And I need it. I fell off the wagon, but mostly due to my blood pressure and medication I decided to try it again. The twist this time is that it's Weight Watcher's At Work. Weekly meeting every Tuesday. I really don't have any friends or family for support on this one so I'll just keep going to the meetings.

Haven't decided what to do with my YMCA membership, which I haven't been there for 3 years also. Heard they might close the downtown facility, which is where I'm registered. I guess I should make time - but it will have to be later.

Still not feeling 100%. Still a slight stomach ache. I suspect it's the increased dosage of my medication. If it keeps up I'll ask my doctor.