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Yes, I've been busy for the past week. On what, I don't know. ;-)

THE ELECTION. The House of Representatives and probably the Senate will flip to Democrats next year. Gays should not be dancing in the street as of yet since the main focus of all Democrats will be the impeachment of George W Bush. You'll have to put those LGBT rights gains on hold for the next two years while our gay Democrat cohorts again ignore our fight for rights, even with so-called "gay friendly" representatives in Congress. Gay Democrats know what thier top priority is, and isn't gays and lesbians.

Is all lost for Bush? Not quite. Most of the new Democrats are moderates and even downright conservative. I remember the Nixon coalition in Congress of the 1970's. Republicans were in worst shape number wise than they are today. Nixon got most of his agenda by the help of Republicans and conservative Democrats.

Many elected Democrats will be taken to the woodshed on their first day in Congress and told "this is how it's going to be" from their Far Left Democrat leadership. Will these moderate and conservative Democrats abandon their principles to please the Democrat leadership? If Bush can cherry-pick House and Senate members when it comes to individual issues on the floor of Congress he could still get his agenda through.

Other stuff: Deborah Pryce is in a close race here in Ohio for the congressional seat in Columbus. I hope she does squeak out a win. I met her a couple of times already and she is a good person.

Sherrod Brown is the complete opposite of nice. Highly partisan, and does not work well with other people. Even though gays supported him, it was more of a "nod nod wink wink" that he is for gay rights, even though his election web site does not mention gays at all.

Ohio even elected a anti-gay Democrat for Attorney General, Marc Dann.

THORN IN THE SIDE OF DEMOCRATS Award goes to Joe Lieberman who poked his finger in the eye of the Democrat party and refused to be beaten by a "pull out of Iraq now" Democrat. Lieberman will no doubt be fighting against defunding the war in Iraq.

ARE YOU MOVING TO ARIZONA?: Arizona looks like it will be the first state to reject a state constitutional amendment that would ban gay "same-sex" marriages. Unfortunately, South Carolina, Idaho, Wisconsin, Tennessee and Virginia all passed their same-sex bans.

UNUSUAL WINNER: Arnold Schwarzennegger who many wrote off as gone last year terminated his Democrat opposition soundly in California (with help of some of W's 2004 team I hear).

AND HE DIDN'T EVEN RUN FOR OFFICE: Democrats have guaranteed Rush Limbaugh will be on the air for the next two years. Rush is good when Republicans are in Congress but flourishes when far left leaning Democrats are in Congress. As long as Democrats keep supplying their ridiculous left-leaning ammo (and they will, believe me), Rush will be rolling in the dough - and the parodies.