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8 US House races still undecided...

  • Ohio Republican Rep. Jean Schmidt is ahead of her challenger by 2,862 votes.

  • Rep. Barbara Cubin is ahead by fewer than a thousand votes in her Wyoming contest.

  • Joe Courtney's challenge to Republican Rep. Rob Simmons in Connecticut gives a Democratic challenger the lead. In that race, Courtney is ahead by a scant 167 votes. Almost a quarter of a million votes were cast.

  • In Georgia, first-term Democratic Rep. John Barrow, facing a rematch against former Republican Rep. Max Burns, leads by fewer than 600 votes.

  • In Washington state, the count in a suburban Seattle district was delayed by heavy flooding, leaving incumbent Republican Rep. Dave Reichert ahead of challenger Darcy Burner three days after voting ended.

  • North Carolina Rep. Robin Hayes' campaign against Larry Kissell, separated by 449 votes.

  • New Mexico Rep. Heather Wilson's race, where Democrat Patricia Madrid trails by about 1,600 votes.

  • Rep. Deborah Pryce is ahead in her central Ohio race by 3,536 votes.

    BUT in Ohio we do have our priorities...

    In the Columbus, Ohio-area, elections officials are delaying the count of more than 9,000 provisional ballots by one day so it doesn't disrupt the much-vaulted Ohio State vs Michigan football game on Nov. 18.
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    ( 4 conspiracy theories — Conspire Here! )
    Nov. 13th, 2006 11:07 pm (UTC)
    lol. Crazy.
    Nov. 13th, 2006 11:08 pm (UTC)
    Who are you cheering for btw?
    Nov. 14th, 2006 02:48 pm (UTC)
    Being from Ohio I have to choose Ohio State, but I think it will be a tough fight.
    Nov. 14th, 2006 04:20 pm (UTC)
    If they ended up as number 1 and 2, would they both still play eachother for the BCS Bowl Championship game?
    ( 4 conspiracy theories — Conspire Here! )