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Nov. 18th, 2006

Some personal housekeeping for LJ. The sort-of big news is that I will be stepping down as chapter president of our Log Cabin Republicans of Greater Cleveland. I will be become chapter vice-president and the chapter vice-president will become president.

I've been at this for five years now and the chapter has made it through the times that it could have disbanded and vanished. I felt I took the chapter as far as I could and it seems like this is the best time for the change-over. The new person is a lot younger than I am so our club will get a new freshness and perspective.

I'm still treasurer of the failed McGivern's campaign for state house seat. At least one more filing is due in December. Of course, the new voted-in guy just appointed this year doesn't seem that good for the state house. One of his bills would eliminate limiting local options. Local options are voted on per voting precinct, but his bill would limit that to one bar if needed. So if you have say a gay bar in the neighborhood you have trouble with, you could make the rules a little bit tougher for that bar instead of all the bars in that precinct. Thanks Democrats!

Speaking of bars it's a football weekend, Ohio State vs Michigan, and Browns vs Steelers tomorrow. I'll go to Whisker's for a Pig and Beef Roast this afternoon for the Ohio State game, and go to a brunch for the Browns game tomorrow.

I have lots of personal stuff to catch up on since I let a lot of stuff go during the election. Cleaning the apartment is sort-of priority number one, if I ever get motivated to do it; get the place ready for the holidays. My place is definitely a mess - I can't even take a picture of it; I'm too embarrassed.

I did go on a diet but I only lost 7 pounds in the last 7 weeks. Slow. But since I'm eating better my blood pressure went down a little, and that's good.

Special hugs and kisses to slavetopassion and boywondermark always in my thoughts and prayers.


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Nov. 18th, 2006 09:30 pm (UTC)
7 pound in 7 weeks isn't bad! It may be slow, but it's a healthy rate of weight loss. You can't lose much faster without causing other problems (like losing muscle mass).

All that to say: well done, and be content. ^_^
Nov. 18th, 2006 09:37 pm (UTC)
I lost 40 pounds over the period of a year...and it stayed off.

The only way to lose weight permanently is to do it slowly and methodically by changing your eating habits in a sustainable way.

Otherwise, you're just starving yourself for a while, which you can't do forever.
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