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Liberalism/Facism - On The March!

  • "Big-rig driver Steve Kerr was surprised to learn that Ohio's new public smoking ban [voted in November] allows the arm of the law to reach inside the cab of his truck. The workplace smoking ban, which takes effect Thursday, extends to company vehicles of all types based in Ohio."

    BUT an out-of-state trucker crossing into Ohio can light up!

    "Tracy Sabetta, head of the liberal SmokeFree Ohio campaign, said the intent is to protect employees in vehicles used by more than one person, even if different drivers use a vehicle at different times. But Sabetta noted that enforcement is based on complaints."

    Another words - ratting on your fellow employees! More of the story...


  • New York is becoming the first city in the country to ban all restaurants from using artificial trans fats, while requiring hundreds of eateries to post food calorie counts right on their menus. More of this story...

    Now if they can only force gay men to wear condoms during sex all the time...