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Dec. 8th, 2006

On a personal note: My friend Mikey is in town; came in from Jersey yesterday. Looking alot better since he stopped drinking. The weather here is cold, in the 20's, and snow, but it should be better this weekend.

Mikey will probably be bored since I got to work today and I'm going to an Equality Ohio meeting in Columbus on Saturday. I don't expect much from the meetings or seminars but it would be nice to see a couple old LCR friends there. The conference should be done by 3:30pm, so I could make it back to Cleveland by 6:00 pm.

Other than that, kind of get depressed around Christmas. It reminds me how much I miss my parents. My Dad passed away almost 10 years ago and my Mom passed away five years ago. Don't get me wrong, I like the the Christmas decorations and Christmas music and Christmas TV specials, but for some reason this time of year I always get tearful of the people that are no longer with us.

Playing Mannhiem Steamroller on the work PC.

STILL snowing here. Looks like we'll have a white Christmas!