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Had a fairly good weekend. Mikey was in town but we didn't do too much except watch movies and football with the limited time I had.

I went to the EQUALITY OHIO summit on Saturday and it was interesting in some respects. EO did a poll a week after the election asking Ohio registered voters their attitudes toward gay issues and will release the results publicly next month. Some of it that we were privy to was interesting. I wouldn't mind seeing the northeast Ohio and GOP breakdowns of the answers.

EO also had focus groups on how what directions and actions Equality Ohio can take in the near and distant future. Of course I sat with mostly Democrats who think one Republican candidate endorsement is too much. And a few were worried that EO's executive director Lynn Bowman was a Republican.

I really don't know if Lynn is a Republican; I never thought about it, but a few "open-minded" gays are clearly upset that their might be gay Republican involvement in Equality Ohio. I say those Dems that don't like it can go to the "bipartisan" Human Rights Campaign where our local annual Cleveland dinner is like a gay Democrat convention.

BACK TO MIKEY: Mikey took his mom to meet his brother and nephews in Chardon on Sunday. And I ended up driving him back to the airport later. He won't be back until after the New Year. I'll miss him but he should be with this family in Jersey. He's going to avoid Taco Bell for now.

I haven't done a thing since the end of the election and my next election report to the state is Friday. What Bill McGivern wants to do after the filing is up to him. But he still has yard signs, palm cards, and buttons - so you can never tell.

CHRISTMAS PARTIES COMING UP: in-office party on Thursday; Parma Republicans Christmas party Thursday night; county Republican Xmas party with guest Sen. Chuck Hagel on Friday night; Log Cabin Republicans of Greater Cleveland on Saturday night; North Coast Men's Chorus Christmas concert Sunday afternoon; and the Young Republicans Christmas party on Monday with Ohio Supreme Court judge Terrence O'Donnell as guest.

Christmas and politics this holiday season.