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Meet the new boss...

The Democrauts take over Congress today. The political party leadership that believes you can get everything you want just by being a bigger a**hole than you were the day before.

Democrats have long abandoned the principles of their previous leaders."Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country" has been replaced by the Nanny state. "I have a dream" where a person is based on the content of their character has been replaced by character doesn't matter. The welfare state perpetuates poverty while the band plays on.

Democrats use to be patriotic. They never blamed America first. Now, that's all they do. Even their former presidents and vice presidents like Clinton, Carter, and Algore go overseas and blame America for all the ills in the world (usually for a fee). America bashing is in vogue overseas and Democrats never miss the oppourtunity to personally capitalize on it.

The new Dem Congress is going to be so full of themselves there'll be no room left on the planet for their egos. God help us all.

November Surprise...

Washington Post reports: George McGovern, the liberal 1972 Democratic presidential nominee, dropped a little bombshell to Larry King the other night: He voted Republican in 1976, for Gerald Ford.

McGovern said he finally told his wife, Eleanor, that Thanksgiving. Her reply: "So did I."