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The Grey's Anatomy controversy just keeps growing. Isaiah Washington has used the word faggot twice in reference to T.R. Knight, who was recently exposed out of the closet. Once behind the scenes during taping, and another time when Isiah was asked the question whether he used the f-word on Knight. There was talk by ABC of Isaiah Washington even being fired from the hit program. GLAAD even stuck their nose in the controversy. Luckily ABC and Isiah have agreed to meet with a local GLSEN chapter, no doubt for his re-education.

Sorry but I depart from the rest of my fellow faggots. Our gay community really needs to get some balls. I don't want the gay community to end up like every other minority group under the umbrella of the Democrat party running home to "Mommy and Daddy" after we get punched in the nose. There's a lot more serious things that can and do happen to gays. Words are things we should be taking care of ourselves.

If someone like Isiah Washington is truly sorry for what he said then he should apologize to T. R. Knight for his behavior, not to GLAAD or GLSEN. If he doesn't apologize then it's up to Washington and Knight to handle their own scores, and unless it become bloody, it's none of our business.

We have spent so much time on political correctness that we don't know how to fight our other battles, like repealing "don't ask, don't tell" and voting down anti-gay marriage state amendments. Gays who are kicked out of the service for being gay or end up hospitalized because of true violence are the things we should focus on.

We got learn to stick up for ourselves when one person says one bad thing about ourselves. That's the way you get true respect and dignity.