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DGreatOne update: I have been feeling yucky lately. Somehow, some way, I must have hurt my left lower arm. I've been having a sharp pain from the side of my elbow to my pinky finger. It has been really annoying at night when the pain feels sharp and shoots down my arm. I feel a little bit better today but my little pinky finger feels like I crushed it against the wall. Why a sharp pain going down my arm makes my pinky finger hurt I don't know. If it keeps up I'll go see a doctor, some day.

In the meantime I'm losing sleep so I'm not feeling too well from the lack of sleep. Just yucky with an upset stomach, slight chill - but I'm still working.

I gave up carbonated soft drinks since Ash Wednesday but I'm still drinking anything caffeinated, everything from coffee to sugar-free ice tea. I think it's leaving me a little jittery but I'm holding on. Let's see if I can stay away from the evil Diet Coke vending machine.

My brother was in the hospital again with a rapid heart beat. He seems to think he didn't keep up with his meds he needs to take since his heart valve surgery. I can't find out any other news since he joined the cell phone number of the month club. I can't reach his kids either. Now I got to find out what numbers they have this time!

I'll probably call people later this weekend, but for now I feel yucky (I said that before didn't I?) I'll see if I can just sleep it all off tonight.


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Mar. 1st, 2007 01:42 pm (UTC)
Me too...
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