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Mar. 13th, 2007

Had a good weekend. Three of us guys from Log Cabin Republicans met up with three ladies from the local Republican Party and had a few drinks at Budapest Blonde, a wine and martini bar. I had a few more martinis than anybody else, three chocolate martinis, which taste good. Afterwards, we all went to DENNY'S for breakfast. I had something called the turkey and spinach omelet, big but it looked healthy. Of course my diet went out the window and I gained five more pounds in the past week.

Mikey was in town for the weekend also, but I was sort of a party pooper while I hung around. He's looking better since he's gone dry and seems to be in best spirits.

We are getting warmer weather so I should be able to go out more, but by St. Patrick's Day it's suppose to be cold and snow again here. Global warming, where are you?

My left arm and finger still hurt. Feels like I slammed my finger in a car door. Hopefully this mysterious infliction will go away. Ever since I fell forward on the pavement last October my arm has been feeling goofy. I decided to switch my bed so I don't sleep on my left arm so much. What can I say? When you get older you talk about ached and pains. Work is always the same.

Our local Log Cabin chapter is coming along OK, although we have had people drop out - not because of politics but because of jobs. There's nothing here anymore. Three people in our group I know left the Cleveland area in the past six months. One went to Minnesota, the other to Columbus, and another to New Jersey. Got to go where you got to go.

Of course the politicians up here are absolutely clueless and will remain that way while they have secure jobs. They are planning to have wireless access all over the city, and the poor will get it for free! If the politicians keep giving away stuff for FREE, a lot of us who are paying the bill are going to be broke. The mayor wants to find a sucker private business that will do all this, including the freebies. Good luck!

Out next big thing for our Log Cabin chapter is sponsoring a table at the local Republican Party Lincoln Day Dinner, which we did for the first time last year. I did find out that the glaring eyes at the table next to us last year were from the Blackwell for Governor table. One of our Republican lady friends thought it would be nice to have Blackwell's group so close to us. I don't think Log Cabin has to worry about any Blackwells this year.

I miss slavetopassion and boywondermark. They dont' even post entries anymore. LJ bloggers are like socks in the laundry - they just mysteriously disappear sometimes.

Enough of me talking. Back to work, and my aching arm!


Mar. 13th, 2007 07:20 pm (UTC)
Sorry - I don't keep up with boycotts.

We were thinking about Bob Evans...