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Interesting Poll Numbers Released...


Do you approve or disapprove of the job Congress is doing?
Approve 30%; Disapprove 54%;
(Don't know - 16%)

Who do you trust more to decide when U.S. troops should leave Iraq -- U.S. military commanders or Members of Congress?
Commanders - 69%;
Congress - 18%;
(Both - 7%) (Neither - 3%) (Don't know - 3%)

Last week the U.S. House voted to remove U.S. troops from Iraq by no later than September 2008 -- would you describe this as a correct and good decision or a dangerous and bad decision?
Correct and good - 44%; Dangerous and bad - 45%
(Don't know - 11%)
This even split is reflected in the Congressional votes.

Do you think a Congressional investigation into the dismissal of the eight federal prosecutors is a good use of taxpayer money?
Yes - 39%; No - 51%
(Don't know - 10%)

And before you DemLibs go on your usual rant about Fox News, here's the sampling -

When you think about politics, do you think of yourself as a Democrat or a Republican?
27-28 March 2007:
Democrat - 43%;
Republican - 35%;
(Independent - 16%)
(Other - 3%)
(Refused/Don't know- 3%)