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Britt Hume of FOX News reports during his Political Grapevine segment a prank Liberal Democrats fell for (quote):

"The left-wing blogosphere was abuzz earlier this week over a photo of White House adviser Karl Rove taken in a Chattanooga restaurant in February. Rove is seen carrying a folder with the word COPTIX on it - the name of a Chattanooga graphic design and web development company.

"The "Wonkette" site called the picture "a crime scene" and said: "This proves without a doubt that Karl Rove is illegally running all the White House e-mail through a private company instead of the White House government servers which belong to the American people."

"It also referred to the administration's "double-secret private communication system." Daily Kos headlined: "Rove Personally Connected to E-mail Scandal" and said the picture "may help establish a timeline or provide ammunition for a subpoena."

"But it turns out the photo was an April Fool's Day joke. Here's the original on the right. There is no folder in Rove's hand. Coptix Executive Vice President Josiah Roe says it was an "experiment" to illustrate how misinformation can filter upward and outward. He says all the bloggers failed to realize it was April Fool's Day weekend. They also failed to notice the tip-off - that the image on the TV set in the corner was also fake - from the 1970's TV show Land of the Lost."