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Ouch! The three remaining Duke lacrosse players who were up on sexual assault charges were dropped. The Attorney General of North Carolina said "not only that the evidence against the young men was insufficient, but that no attack took place".

I wonder if race-baiting liberals are going to apologize for their rush to judgment. There were 88 Duke professors and academia that lambasted the lacrosse players last year in an open published letter attacking the atmosphere of racism and privilege. There's also the usual malcontents that protest anything at a drop of a hat, and the liberal accusatory press.

You think any of the people I mentioned will make a public apology to the lacrosse players, or to the lacrosse coach that got fired? Thanks to their interference we may never find out what really happened that night or why the accusations were made in the first place.

Liberalism means never having to say you're sorry - or wrong.