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Dennis the Menace

Clevelanders must be living in paradise. How else would this explain Dennis Kucinich's futile time at the presidency and the impeachment of the Vice President?

Kucinich has been all over America raising funds for his run as president so much that I doubt he could find Cleveland on the map.

Maybe Kucinich feels there is a lack of problems here. In 2006, Cleveland was #1 ranked city in poverty and #7 most violent city in America.

People in Cleveland and surrounding cities are leaving the county in droves. Homes are on the market for 12 to 18 months, still unsold. Those that don't care or can't afford to care anymore, let their homes go into foreclosure. You can throw a rock anywhere outside of downtown Cleveland and it's a sure bet you'll hit a foreclosed home or property.

Dennis Kucinich and the Democrat party in this county have long forgotten why the citizens of Cleveland started a recall against Kucinich when he was mayor of Cleveland in the late 1970's. Selfishness and arrogance abound with Kucinich and the Democrats. The most dangerous place to stand is not in Baghdad, but between Dennis Kucinich and a cable news camera.

If you see Dennis, tell him he has a district to represent here.