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May. 8th, 2007

Last November. the San Fransissie Bored With Education decided to ban the 90-year old the Junior Reserve Officers' Training Corps in San Francisco high schools, allegedly for the military's "don't ask don't tell" policy.  I relayed the story in one of my blog entries.  Of course their excuse is BULLSH*T because it has nothing to do with gays in the military and everything to do with being left-wing anti-military nut jobs!

One of the JROTC members wrote an passionate plea about the JROTC recently, falling on deaf ears:

WHO ASKED US -- Why Did You Take Away My Second Family?
One JROTC Cadet Talks Back
YO! Youth Outlook Multimedia , Commentary, Autumn Lee, Posted: May 08, 2007

Editor?s Note: After 90 years in San Francisco schools, the Junior Reserve Officers? Training Corps (JROTC) has been banned by the school board because of concern over military presence in schools. But three-year JROTC member Autumn Lee, 16, says the program might have been the most important part of her high school experience. Lee is a content producer at YO! Youth Outlook Multimedia a project of New America Media.

Basically Lee says: "Being involved in the JROTC has made me more confident, but it also has made me want to take more chances in life. I am anxious to pursue my future in college and to meet new people. I?m sad that a program this good will be shut down and that other teens won?t have the opportunity that I've had."


Liberals have hearts as cold as stone, and don't let anybody tell you different.

As I stated before: I looked up the email address of the four San Francisco Board members that voted against the JROTC:
Mr. Eric Mar, Esq. mare@sfusd.edu
Mr. Mark Sanchez  SanchezM5@sfusd.edu
Ms. Sarah Lipson and Dr. Dan Kelly are no longer with the school board.

Other board members are:
Mr. Norman Yee, Vice President: YeeN1@sfusd.edu
Ms. Jane Kim: KimJ7@sfusd.edu
Ms. Kim-Shree Maufas: MaufasKS@sfusd.edu
Ms. Hydra Mendoza: MendozaH@sfusd.edu
Ms. Jill Wynns: Wynnsj@sfusd.edu

If you want to email them the article 100 times or just give them your warm-hearted thanks for being so heartless, please do.

Remind them once again. Let them know that what they do is NOT IN OUR NAME.