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Shock to the System

Everybody seems to be catching with the rest of the world for some reason lately. Anne Coulter recently said NEWSWEEK faked polls, according to the paranoid anti-Fox News blog News Hound, to boost Democrat candidate's numbers. To think that mainstream press would even entertain the idea of shilling for Democrats is a shock to me. Shock, shock, shock.

Rep. David Obey (Dem-Wis.) is attacking "idiot liberals" again , this time Dennis Kucinich. The language was so bad that nobody dared to repeat it or print it. David Obey has my vote! Does any other Congressional district in our country want a tired self-absorbed anti-war has-been that's rarely here to represent his district? When somebody sees Dennis in Hollywood again, tell him he lives in Cleveland. He'll be shocked.

Camille Paglia in Salon.com said of departing Rosie O'Donnell: "What a crass solipsist, clod and yahoo O'Donnell is -- and what a bad advertisement for both liberalism and lesbianism." Amen.

The next bag of tricks for the Democrats is to sue Bush over Iraq, if he issues a "signing statement" that sidesteps any Iraq compromise. First, you have to get a compromise. Let's see if Dems can pull that trick without getting recall petitions aimed at them by MoveOn.org and the Dailykos.

Spiegel Online dares to state: "Despite widespread fears of a greenhouse hell, the latest computer simulations are delivering far less dramatic predictions about tomorrow's climate." No Earthly hell? What is Algore going to run his presidential campaign on, you mean people?

And a gas station was ordered by the state of Wisconsin not to give discounts to senior citizens and supporters of youth programs because it violates state law.

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