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Hot Hot Hot

  • President Vladimir "Putt-Putt" Putin of Russia "obliquely" compared the United States to the Third Reich in a speech Wednesday. It sounds increasingly like he's trying to restart the good old days of the Cold War again, since Putt-Putt was a former KGB agent. Or he could be trying to curry favor with the Democrats in our country who still think the USA is under Nazi occupation.

  • About a dozen unnamed moderate Republicans had an "honest" heart to heart talk with President Bush about the war in Iraq. Probably worried that Bush will lose his re-election bid in 2008. Yes, I know Bush is not running in 2008, but the press and the Democrats don't know that. Shhh!

  • Flim-flam filmmaker Michael Moore is under investigation by the U.S. Treasury Department for taking 9-11 rescue workers to Cuba just to show how much the US healthcare system hates rescue workers. His new film "Sicko" starts its anti-American propoganda machine June 29th. That's not filmmaking - it's editing!

  • NASA thinks we will have 110-degree temps this summer in cities as far north as DC and Chicago. Buy those air conditioners and bags of ice while they're still cheap. Watch: We'll probably have one of the coolest summers this year. Every time we announce the end of the world something always interferes.

  • Lesbian couples are stirring up the pot, or at least the fertilized eggs. A state court in Pennsylvania has ordered a sperm donor to pay child support because he was so involved in the lives of the children even after the couple broke up. I say was because said sperm donor died of a stroke in March. What a tangled gay web we weave...

  • And finally, even though left-wing Democrat cowards are afraid of having a debate on a certain network, Republicans will have their debate on FOX NEWS Tuesday May 15th.