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What happened to me?

Nothing happened. I just don't write too much about myself in my journal anymore. I guess nothing too spectacular happens nowadays.

Have been in a couple of parades and walks for a local politico who is running for Cleveland Municipal Judge this year in a very tight race in a county that would vote for Hitler and Stalin if they were on the ballot as Democrats. The longest walk was the 3.3-mile "Walk for Hunger" throughout downtown Cleveland. I could use the exercise, I guess.

Getting Log Cabin Republicans of Greater Cleveland ready for gay pride month. Already paid for a table at the Cleveland Pride festival. Thinking about making our table a "No-Rosie" zone. And we are going to kick off our LCR Cleveland summer long membership drive for more money and more members - but mostly for more money. We would like to raise as much money this year to avoid the cacophony of political noise next year. With all the state's primaries moved up - Ohio will have there's first Tuesday in March - we'll need money sooner rather than later.

And my friend Mikey who has been clean a sober for I guess two years visited a couple of weekends ago for his nephew's confirmation. Didn't see too much of him but it was still good. Mikey has his birthday today - still stuck at 29 years old. Happy Birthday, Mikey!

Have some other stuff I could talk about but it's more embarrassing than anything else. Let's just say I found a new way to lose weight - 7 pounds in the past 3 weeks, which is OK since I've been on a plateau - for 17 weeks!

This week delivers summer to Cleveland finally with temps in the 80's. No snow. Thank God for global warming! :-)

Goodnight slavetopassion & boywondermark, wherever you are...


May. 30th, 2007 05:30 am (UTC)
Love the idea of the "no Rosie zone"!!

It's really a shame that Bush is such a lousy president; it's made it really tough to be a log cabin (hell, even a non-log cabin) republican.