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Democrats Lose Their Edge
Poll Shows Congressional Approval Ratings Have Returned to Pre-Election Levels

Democrats, the saviors of the country just a mere few months ago, are starting to wear thin with both friend and fiend alike. Democrats are battling for the bottom of public approval ratings. In part, their base is NOT happy with Iraq; their nut-base wants the USA to sell-out - NOW! Democrat presidential candidates voted for the war before they voted against it is beginning to sound as hollow to the Left and Libertarians as it sounds to the rest of us.

Another part is what the polls and media doesn't tell you: 'America is always wrong' just does not sell well with the most middle class. It does not inspire leadership, and it does not inspire our people or our country to be better than they were yesterday. This type of talk only inspires defeatism and resignation.

How low will the Democrats go - and how well the media spin will the bad news for the Democrats - remains to be seen.


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Jun. 5th, 2007 03:15 am (UTC)
That icon is an insult to Lurch!
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