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Where do I begin?

BUSY! Trying to get ready for our Log Cabin Republican table at the Cleveland Pride Festival this weekend. Not too many candidates this year. Most of the local candidates don't even have fliers yet. So our LCR table will focus on the ENDA, urging people to contact their Senators for the passage. Also they can vote for president at our table - GOP only - and of course join Log Cabin Republicans of Greater Cleveland.

We will have a ballot box asking people to vote for their favorite GOP presidential candidate. Long list: Brownback, Gilmore, Gingrich, Giuliani, Huckabee, Hunter, McCain, Ron Paul, Romney, Tancredo, Fred Thompson, and Tommy Thompson.

It's suppose to be sunny this weekend - but along the lakeshore it's also windy and sometimes slightly cooler. Break out the sun tan lotion! Our chapter president will probably be concentrating on the beer tent while I'm at the table, but he has promised to force his boyfriend to work also.

I got up a "functioning" website for our local Log Cabin Republicans of Greater Cleveland chapter. It could use some good web designing but the info we want is there, except for a photo section. I want to add 'our own special' Global Warming newslink page later, before July 7th. We'll concentrate on good looks later. http://lcrcleveland.org

Last week I was at local Republican headquarters sorting envelope contents for the Voinovich Victory Fund. They send forms asking people their opinions about issues, at the same time asking them for donations. There is a section for comments, and for the people who did send in comments almost all were against immigration reform and for tightening border controls. And they were very adamant about it also, even saying they are not going to vote for Voinovich if he doesn't do the right thing. The immigration issue is a hot topic in GOP circles. Any Republican politician that bucks the grassroots will do so at their own peril.

I have birthday in two weeks and bought myself a spurge item - a new Canon camera. It looks OK but I haven't had time to interface with a PC yet. The big downer is the SD card is only 16MB, which is only good for about 5 pictures on a 7.1 MP camera. I'll see if I can get a 1GB card at Best Buy tonight.

Yes, I will be very old, one-half a century in a couple of weeks. No plans to celebrate. Was thinking about taking pictures of the old neighborhood with my new camera. I think my brothers will think it's a hoot! Some things have changed but some things like the schools I went to as a kid are still there. Amazing.

If anybody wants to send me a bday gift, I thought of a perfect gift - gas cards! Gift cards for gasoline - just in case the price goes up again. And not cheap ones either - $50 or more please. We mostly have BP, Shell, and Speedway in our area, so those will do. ;-)


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Jun. 14th, 2007 10:41 pm (UTC)
Hey there, handsome! *lick*

So you have a birthday in a few weeks, eh? Since you are a fellow Cancer, we'll have to get nekkid and go wild...Moon Children run amok!! :b

The live journal nudges are so sweet of you! It makes me smile...a sweetheart like you still thinking of me.

Jase and I have been moderating and playing in two seperate online roleplaying games...I have 12 characters in one and 5 in another. So, basically, being a geek is what's been keeping me so busy!

Love you tons, sexy man! :)
Jun. 15th, 2007 04:16 am (UTC)
Depressed that the Cleveland Cavaliers lost the NBA Finals tonight.

But you can always cheer me up - I can give a spanking for each year in my birthday, plus one to grow on. ~~blush~~

Luckily you still have another 21 years before you hit 50!

I hope Jase is OK. He was so sick when we last heard from him. Hopefully he's not too depressed about anything. Remind him he's a Daddy this weekend.

And yes, I know: Who's our Daddy? boywondermark is! ;-)
Jun. 15th, 2007 03:32 pm (UTC)
GIVE a spanking? Since my birthday is up soon, you can spank me! LOL! :b

Poor Jase...he's having a hard time...first one thing gets straightened out and then another hits.

Hey...I thought YOU were the Daddy this month!

P.S. NBA? I'm confused...are gay guys into sports? Hmmmm...maybe it's only gay Republicans...
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