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Senate Calls For Troop Withdrawal - NOT!

From the Political Grapevine:

"News reports have repeatedly characterized the Reed-Levin amendment - which brought the Senate to a halt - as requiring U.S. troops to be out of Iraq by the end of next April.

But the actual language of the measure does no such thing.

"The amendment - which Republicans prevented from coming up for a vote - called for a 'reduction in the number of United States forces in Iraq'.

It also provided for a 'limited presence' and limited missions including training Iraqi forces and counterterrorism.

"It provided no numbers or any specifics on how much of a reduction in forces, or how big the limited presence would be.

"'But assuming the Democrats did manage to get U.S. forces out of Iraq, they admit they have no plan in the event of a sectarian bloodbath many acknowledge is likely."