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Democrauts: Don't Get Me Started!

Watching a little bit of the YearlyKos convention roundtable that had four people including MoveOn.Org (Move on? They never got over it) and the "volunteer" from Jim Webb's campaign that dogged George Allen's campaign until Allen slipped up. Had anybody ever heard of the "m"-word before all that controversy?

I listened to them about 30 minutes, the most I can take. The conclusion I came to was frightful: these left-wing bloggers are full of hate and revenge for anybody that stands in their way. I did not hear them once, not once, make an argument for or against an issue - it was all about revenge against people, against FOX News and anybody associated with them, and even the press in general. You are either with them or against them (just ask Joe Lieberman).

Why don't these leftwing nutcases worry about their own Democrat party? I have one great example.

Our local county commission is made up of three commissioners, all Democrats, who run the county government. In a measure by 2 to 1, they voted to raise our sales tax by .25% to 7.75% for county sales tax, the highest in the state of Ohio. It will draw in an additonnal $20 million, if they can stop people from moving out of the county.

The commissioners are doing it to raise funds for a new Convention Center, and a Medical Mart, a one stop medical shopping center for doctors, hospitals, and vendors.

Now what's wrong with that, you may query.

We, the people in the county, do not have one iota where the Medical Mart or the new convention center is going to be. We don't even know what they are going to look like. We haven't even discussed plans (in public) who is going to draw up the plans to move these items forward.

The commisionners had two public hearings, and only two public hearings, on this issue - both meetings in the middle of the workday in downtown Cleveland.

The best part is there are people trying to get the tax issue on the ballot for a vote; they have 30 days to get 45,000 signatures on the ballot. The bad news: the tax increase kicks in by October. Why is that bad? Because the earliest the law allows the tax increase to come for a vote is on March 8th 2008, Ohio's primary.

This is the Politburo manuere we have to put up with in this Democrat county all the time. A county heavily dominated by the Democrat party.

Before, the people who can afford it were moving out of the city of Cleveland. Now even people in the suburbs of this county are moving out, houses foreclosing if they can't afford it. Homes even in the suburbs have "reduced price" signs on them cause they been on the market for so long.

This is a f*ck*ng Democrat success story?

Look at "School Bus" Nagan of New Orleans, great at blaming George W Bush for everything, a big zero when it come to reconstruction and crime. The mayor of Philadelphia waiting in line, sitting on a lawn chair, to be one of the first people to get an iPhone, while the city had the highest murder rate ever. Cleveland's mayor, more clueless than the last mayor we had about fixing city problems.

The Democrats? Don't get me started.


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Aug. 9th, 2007 05:04 pm (UTC)
It's only going to get worse with Democrats in control of the governor's mansion. They've already renamed their special interest group rewards as "tax cuts".

A real tax cut goes to everyone, not just "elderly people making less than X dollars a year". That's a reward to people who largely voted Democrat.
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