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Aug. 13th, 2007

On a personal note.. Last week was something.

Very muggy summer week for Cleveland. We had a gigantic rainstorm that dumped 3-1/2 inched of rain in two hours last Tuesday, flooding places I did not know could flood. Besides roads and highways, the rain flooded the hospital basement where I work, knocking out the emergency backup generators for the hospital. Some say the water was ankle high, but it still affected the generators and the kitchen. It shut down our computers since there was no more juice. We do have battery UPS backup that only last for 20 to 30 minutes. So it was a mess when the power did finally come back on - I worked a little overtime that day.

I also went to volunteer at the Republican booth at the Cuyahoga County Fair last Thursday afternoon. Not a crowd at all at that time. It did rainstorm (again!), but we were in a big commercial open space building so the downpour didn't affect us. It just made it muggier. The only way I could get relief was not to move!

My straight friend Mikey was briefly in town overnight, a pit stop at his Mom's house on his way to Denver with a friend. Mikey mailed me a postcard this past week from Martha's Vineyard - a picture overlooking GAY HEAD CLIFFS. For some reason he thought of me when he saw the postcard!

My whole left arm had been sore for the past three weeks now, with a little tingling in my finger tips and thumb. If I reach or lean it makes it more sore. I figure I hurt the nerve somehow. This past spring I had a sharp pain from my elbow to my pinky finger that went away after a week, but this current soreness is still lingering.

And our local LCR chapter is throwing a little party just for LGBT Republicans this coming weekend. We might only get a handful of people but it would be nice to have a gaggle of gay Republicans in one place - if not only to scare the neighborhood. :-)