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Deeper and deeper...

Getting deeper into politics: I'm going to be part of the local Republican Party of Cuyahoga County Scanning Committee. Our first meeting is tomorrow and will probably last most of the day. Never been on a local GOP committee but it should be interesting as we choose who should be the endorsed GOP candidates in contested local races.

A friend of mine, William McGivern, who ran for state house a few years back (where I was the campaign treasurer) is back at it again, this time running for Republican State Central Committee, which helps sets up policy and platform for the state GOP. In the district he is running in, he's up against the current chairman of the Ohio Republican Party, Bob Bennett. Couldn't have picked a bigger target! I don't think Bill will get the party endorsement, but we'll still see about getting him into the state committee nevertheless.

Our LCR Cleveland chapter was not too successful getting people on the local county central committee, which is made up of elected GOP precinct captains. You have to file for that position with the county board of elections to get in. If 2 or more people are on the ballot (like in my precinct) Republican primary voters must decide who will represent the precinct for the county GOP.

LCR Cleveland might try Plan B after the primary (the political Plan 9 from Outer Space), where if there is vacant precinct position, the local county chairman can appoint somebody to that precinct (with the whole central committee approval, which is usually routine). See if we can recruit a few of our people into the local GOP.

Ohio's primary election is on March 4th, way after Super Tuesday, February 5th.