Dale T. GreatOne (dgreatone) wrote,
Dale T. GreatOne

Hillary for President?

Clinton? :-P

I guess crying does help when a woman runs for office - or when a woman does anything! ;-)

Hillary Clinton's like the Elephant Man - "I'm not a monster. I'm a human being". If you need to remind people of that - well, just say we're all done for.

I can't even listen to the Democrat's speeches. In it for the American people? Yeah, like monkeys flying out of our butts!

NOBODY is talking about the 500-pound monster in the room. The Super Duper Tuesday primary in which 22 states will have their primaries and caucuses - on February 5th. True, it's still 28 days away. Nevada, Michigan, South Carolina, and Florida will all have their primaries before hand but whoever has the best on-the-ground network - and whoever has any money left - will win.

Edge to Hillary and Giuliani, with McCain and Obama serving up the big MO (momentum in this case). The Republicans situation is alot more murky than the Democrats though.

Hillary is predicted to take Nevada, Romney was favored to take Michigan.
Tags: democrauts, hillary rodham clinton
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