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Jan. 17th, 2008

The Republican Party of Cuyahoga County Executive and Central Committee had their endorsement meeting tonight, and I had to go since I was on the screening committee. Most of the GOP candidates are running unopposed in the primary.

The 10th District endorsement went to Jim Trakas who will run against Dennis Kucinich (maybe) in the November election. Trakas's GOP opponent we didn't endorse for some obvious reasons - the speech he gave to the crowd reflected what he said in his webblog, and fell mostly on low, polite applause and deaf ears.

The fight for the GOP 24th District State Central Committee was like a major tug of war. We had a motion to endorse no one, then to endorse everyone, then to endorse the selected candidate by the screening committee. The screening committee won its recommendation.

Our gay buddy is running for the 23rd District GOP State Central Committee seat against the current head of the Ohio Republican Party. Our friend feels he might have a chance since the current chairman is stepping down next year. He didn't get an endorsement but he did get some nice postcards to mail out later next month. He ordered 1500 postcards - and might be about 15,000 short! Such is politics.

I might have to work this weekend because one of our hospital employees is going to the hospital for a short visit. Hopefully it will be overtime, if they don't throw in any comp time.

Cleveland will have a high of 14 degrees (-10 C) on Sunday, will slowly climb back into the 20's, and we will not be above freezing for at least the next 10 days, maybe longer. I hope my Auntie doesn't freeze!