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The Illusion of Bipartisanship

As a Republican I can tell what the Democrat's idea of bipartisanship is:

Agree with Democrats, we have bipartisanship.

Don't agree with Democrats, we don't have bipartisanship.

Simple. Until you figure that it is human to have at least two sides to every argument, which Democrats do not like.

Peace and harmony come with a price if you deal with Democrats. Those that follow the Democrat party hook, line, and sinker, the ones who follow Democrats the most blindly, suffer the most with poverty, fatherless families, and horrible inner city public education, foreclosures, and higher and higher taxes.

Their solution is to blame everybody else, except Democrats that are in office, and vote for those very same officials again and again, and watch the process feed on itself as things, including the inner cities, continue their downward spiral.

Unity. Change. Bipartisanship. These are just words to Democrats. The fool is the one who biblically follows the Democrat Party.