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The hell with a dead loved one. What good are they if they ain't worth millions of dollars in cash when they are gone?

If you remember, in 2003 a band called Great White was setting off indoor pyrotechnics that caught the whole bar on fire in a matter of minutes. About 100 people died and many more were injured.

Since a radio station owned by Clear Channel promoted and advertised the concert, everybody sued. Clear Channel just settled for $22 million.


According to the AP:

The tentative deal brings to more than $70 million the total amount of settlement money offered to survivors and victims' relatives. [SO FAR]

Other defendants that have reached settlements in recent months include: The Home Depot; a manufacturer of insulation material; a pyrotechnics maker; AND a TV station whose cameraman was accused of blocking an exit while filming the fire.

Dozens of people and companies remain part of the case - including Anheuser-Busch, members of Great White, and the state of Rhode Island.

I don't know what is more horrible: hundreds burnt alive in a building fire, or the blood-sucking leaches who are over their dead bodies like parasites.