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This is what pinhead DemocRATS voted for?

The great Democrat Party is playing politics, again. This weekend FISA expires (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act), or more accurately the Protect America Act will expire, making any or all surveillance of foreign calls almost impossible since the CIA and NSA will have to use the time consuming effort to prove probable cause to get warrants to monitor terrorists.

Obviously, Democrats have not heard Hezbollah is not too happy that somebody killed one of their top leaders. Wouldn't you like to know who their revenge targets are now?

Democrats in the US House also oppose the provision in the Senate version of the Protect America Act from granting immunity to telephone companies that helped the government after the 9-11 attacks in warrantless surveillances. Another words the Democrat leadership want trail lawyers to sue the telephone companies.

No matter how you feel about this surveillance, why would you resort to hate and revenge to people who actually thought they were helping the country after 9-11?

You might be stupid enough to think this is all altruistic, but it isn't. Almost all Democrats get some campaign money from trial lawyers including Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. It's an incestuous relationship where the trial lawyers get to sue, the more money they get, the more money goes to the Democrat party.

The Democrats investigation into the legal firing of seven US Attorneys still goes on, yet we cannot talk about the 90 US Attorneys that Bill Clinton fired when he was president.

Democrats are holding up around 200 federal nominations including judicial appeallate court nominees, cabinet positions, and even nominees to the Federal Election Commission, severely affecting our judicial system, our government, and election dispute process. Some nominees have been waiting for an up-or-down vote for over 2 years!

Hey Dems, you might not have noticed but this is a presidential election year!

On top of that Barack Obama and other Senate Democrats want to pass the Global Poverty Act (S. 2433), which could among other things tax US citizens to help fight global poverty. Democrats want to copy their US fight on poverty make that global. You see how well that worked in our inner cities! You think people hate us now, wait until the Third World gets a whiff of how Democrats want to "help" them.

And there's the rub: Democrats are marketing all this as "helping" people, when the only people they want to help - are themselves.

The Democrat Congress' approval rating is almost half of President's Bush's rating. How low, and arrogant, can Democrats get?

Is there such a thing as a -10 percent approval rating?